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Location & Climate of San Miguel de Allende
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Location & Climate

San Miguel de Allende is located just 4 hours (by car) northwest of Mexico City. It is a colonial hill town located 6,400 feet above sea level. The climate is very pleasant year-round with temperatures in the
mid-70's and sunshine almost every day - even in the rainy season (June - September).

Dress Code
Although the atmosphere is relaxed and the temperatures balmy, the dress code is somewhat conservative. In the warmer months (late March - May) you'll want to bring light cotton clothing and include at least one long-sleeved shirt and a pair of slacks. This part of Mexico is very traditional. Shorts are prohibited in churches. Also, if you are living with a Mexican family you will need a bathrobe and house shoes. (Mexicans don't walk around bare foot.)

Walking in San Miguel
San Miguel is a walking town and you'll want to bring your most comfortable shoes. The town is hilly and covered with uneven cobblestones, so flat and flexible walking shoes are highly recommended.

Surrounded by Natural Hot Springs
San Miguel has several hot springs or "balnearios" from which to choose. So bring your bathing suit, sandals, cover-up and plenty of sun screen. From the athletic lap swimmer, to the carefree sun bather, to the therapeutic soaker...there's something for everyone here.

Living in High Desert
For many North Americans and Europeans, living in high desert is a new experience. During the day the sun is more intense than in other parts of the world (bring sunscreen!) and at night the temperatures can cool off rather quickly (bring a jacket and in winter months bring warm clothing as well). Since temperatures usually fall within a moderate range, you will not find air-conditioning or central heating (space heaters are used in winter) in Mexican homes. Below is a chart of average temperatures to help you plan your wardrobe.

Average Temperatures & Rainfall
Month High/Low
(deg. Fahrenheit)
(in inches)
January 70/46 .5
February 73/48 .1
March 77/51 .2
April 81/54 .8
May 82/57 1.3
June 79/58 5.0
July 77/57 5.0
August 77/57 5.0
September 75/57 4.7
October 75/54 4.7
November 73/49 .6
December 70/47 .4

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